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the Executive Director

February 2016

Isaiah G. Cooper

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  Happy Valentine's Day!
Is your child in need of dental care? If you don’t have dental insurance please take a moment to Read more about GIVE KIDS A SMILE DAY. February 5, 2016.
Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties Outreach Services Available - Open to All
  • Foodbank representative will be available at Community Church Fellowship Hall (other end of the pantry building). Check calendar for dates and times.
  • Assistance and guidance will be provided to anyone in need with the various programs available.
  • Learn more, visit the USDA Food and Nutrition web site.
The Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry (KMFP) is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization and as such we do the best we can to assist those that come to us for assistance from all walks of life. We have been in existence since 1983 and are solely staffed by volunteers. We offer food and so much more, including guidance to the many available social programs. 2015 marked thirty-two (32) years of being in operation.
We are currently serving twenty-seven (27) communities. A few of the communities are outside the area we would normally serve but due to Hurricane Sandy or other specific circumstances families were/are referred to our organization by Social Services, Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties and other government/qualified private agencies.
The current KMFP organization is completely run by unpaid volunteers, including the Board of Trustees. There are currently thirty-five (35) volunteers, some are full time and others are part-time, (including the Board of Trustees). Our volunteers have a wealth of knowledge due to their previous or current careers (i.e. Corporate Management, Academic, Non-Profit, Retail, Ministry, Government, Health Industry, to mention a few). In various ways, all of these volunteers apply their knowledge/skills for the betterment of our organization.  
You can rest assured that our organization is run efficiently with skilled/dedicated volunteers and that 100% of all the financial donations received are used strictly toward the operation of our facility and the purchase of food.
As with any facility there are ongoing operational costs involved and our facility is no exception. There are things that still need to be completed that due to cost had to be put on hold,i.e. paving of parking facility. We continue to research and apply for grants but there are no guarantees that we will be selected. This does not stop us from applying and continuing to research other opportunities.
We took baby steps to get to where we are today and succeeded because of all our Great Supporters and hopefully we will once again see success in the very near future for the things we need to complete and also have the assurance of financial stability needed to go forward and continue our services.
We are eternally grateful for the continued support of so many and hope that people who know us, know what we do and know what we want to continue to do for so many, spread the word about our organization in hopes of getting new supporters. You can rest assured that to the best of our ability and with the help of our supporters we will continue to provide the necessary assistance to all of those who walk through our doors.
Isaiah G. Cooper
Executive Director 
Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry, Inc.
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