A Message from
the Executive Director

March 2018

Isaiah G. Cooper

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  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We are pleased to announce that the following changes have been made to our staff and programs.
Byron Shafer has been elected Vice President of the
Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry. 
Byron replaces Isaiah who has held the post since 2002. He has been the source of setting up &  updating the website, editing the Executive Director’s message, and many more seen and behind the scenes contributions. Welcome Byron,who will be adding exciting additions to this position.  
The Choice is Yours: We have implemented the new Choice method of food distribution.Bill Seaman, President Natalie Smith, Operations Dir.
KMFP President  Bill Seaman and Operations Director Natatlie Smith along with our dedicated volunteers have introduced this new “user friendly”system to better serve our clients.
We have also undertaken the following iniatives:
  • Additional Fullfill (food bank) training
  • Cross-training of volunteers
  • Improvements in technology upgrades
  • Meeting with Ministerium churches
  • Improvements to our back to school program
  • Providing additional services with Fullfill reps on site
We are also proud to announce that Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry has been selected to receive the
2018 Fulfill Gala’s Humanitarian Agency Partner Award. Join Us For a Gala!
 Fullfill Humanitarian Award
As always, thank you for your continued support!
Isaiah G. Cooper
Executive Director 
Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry, Inc.
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